Why Companies Engage Delta Administrative Services

Every business has unique needs and goals. The main reason clients engage Delta Administrative Services include:

Most companies outsource a number of HR functions to different vendors. However, managing multiple vendors wastes time and is more expensive than outsourcing to a single source solution. Depending on the business situation, Delta Administrative Services, LLC can eliminate a number of vendors.

Click HERE for info about our Time and Attendance System.

EMPLOYEE BENEFIT ADMINISTRATIONWe provide fortune 500 type of benefits to small to mid size businesses.
HUMAN RESOURCE AND PERSONNEL ADMINISTRATIONDo you really know if you are compliant in all Human Resource areas
PAYROLL & TAX ADMINISTRATION SERVICESClick Here to see what we offer for these services: You no longer have to be concerned with tedious payroll problems. No more taxes to pay, no more IRS forms to file, no more incorrect pay for employees.
RISK MANAGEMENT AND WORK PLACE SAFETYOur job as employers is to make sure all employees have a safe working enviroment. Here is how:
TIME & ATTENDANCESimple, affordable, automated timekeeping


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